Man code: How to dress comfortable and efficient for any job

If you have just begun to develop your style, classic pieces like a white shirt, quality jeans and a well-tailored jacket should be a required item in the closet. There are those unprecedented pieces of clothes and we advise you to choose the right snickers work trousers because every man should have at least three pairs.

To buy something that will last the most important thing is to look at the composition of the material. Natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool are what you need to pay attention to. The basic rule is to select the items of the appropriate size and cuts that will fit you. The label does not play almost any role, as long as it is natural materials.

Spice up your closet

The leather jacket is also one of the clothing items that never come out of fashion. Knowers say that the real leather jacket is getting better and better.

We know how much you love your comfortable sneakers and we did not say that you should give them up, but also consider interesting shoes that do not have to be strictly classic at all. It is now common to combine suits with more informal, youthful shoes and even sneakers (properly selected). Men’s shoes are no more stringent, serious and boring. Now you are given the opportunity to enjoy different colors and styles.

The sweaters fall into the base. A good sweater can replace the jacket, make the business style more modern, combine with shirts, t-shirts, jeans. When it’s cold you can wear more than one sweater to achieve a layered look.


Its all in details

Details like clocks, bracelets, gloves, and goggles can be both masculines and make your simple combination more interesting. By choosing the right details you show that you have the confidence to play with different styles and that you do not experience yourself too seriously.

Bags are not just a women’s accessories. With a wide range of different ranch models and bags, we are sure that you can find one that will suit your needs and style. The development of technology brought us so far that we rarely leave the house without our phones, laptops, tablets, various batteries and chargers, so a good bag became a necessity, not just a fashion detail.


Don’t forget

Build your style according to your inner feeling. Look at the successful men and men who deal with fashion and have their own style. You may not like every aspect of one’s style, but you can always tailor certain elements to yourself. When you have mastered the basics do not be afraid to combine different colors, patterns, and prints, as long as you feel nice and comfortable in it.

Choose comfortable, natural colors that go well with you. If something is not your style, you will feel uncomfortable and this is easily noticed. Fashion is a game and does not be afraid to do it but do it for you.

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