Five Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory

From time to time, everyone has moments of forgetfulness, especially when under a lot of stress, dealing with problems at work, or in school. While this is an entirely regular occurrence, poor memory can be frustrating, leading towards more significant issues if not addressed on time.

When it comes to Alzheimer’s disease, genetics plays a significant role. But numerous studies have confirmed that our lifestyle and diet impact memory as well. Therefore, whether you are attending law school and learning to Become a Florida Notary or processing data at work, we will show you five natural ways to boost your memory.

Minimize intake of processed sugar

Eating too much sugar is connected to numerous health disorders and chronic diseases, which include cognitive decline. One research has managed to prove that diet high in sugar leads to poor memory and lowers down brain volume, especially the part of the brain that stores short-term memory.

Reduce sugar consumption

For instance, one study included 4,000 people who usually consumed sugary beverages like soda. Their brain had lower volume and poorer memory than people who ate less sugar. If you cut back on sugar, you will improve your memory and boost overall health.

Omega-3 fatty acids

These are also called fish supplements and are crucial for your health while minimizing the risk of heart disease, reducing inflammation, relieving anxiety and stress, and slowing down mental decline. So far, many clinical trials confirmed that taking omega-3 fatty acids and eating fish can improve your memory, especially in older people.

One study researched 36 individuals with slight cognitive impairment. They consumed omega-3 fatty acids for 12 months and managed to improve working and short-terms scores significantly. However, pay attention to the following components, such as EPA and DHA, because they are responsible for a cognitive boost.


Meditation offers numerous health benefits to our body. It’s soothing, relaxing, and can relieve anxiety, stress, decrease blood pressure, improve memory, and minimize pain. In fact, meditation can increase gray matter in the brain.

As we age, grey matter declines, while it leads to a lack of concentration and poor memory. But, if you regularly practice meditation, it can significantly boost your short-term memory, affecting not only older people but also younger ones.


Stay fit

Healthy body weight is crucial for our wellbeing, and it’s one of the best ways to keep our mind in top shape. A lot of studies have confirmed that obesity is closely linked to cognitive decline. Obesity can also cause insulin resistance, which leads to inflammation, affecting our brain negatively.

People who had high body mass index scored less on memory tests.

Have more sleep

Lack of sleep is also associated with poor memory. During sleep, our body and brain reset, strengthening short-term memory and transforming into a long-lasting memory. Many studies show that if you don’t sleep enough, it will affect your memory.

Therefore, a lot of health experts recommend adults have between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.


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