About Anderson Davis

DavisCommonly known as a lifelong athlete, producer, writer and actor, Anderson Davis is mostly known for his roles in Days of our lives and CSI. He is also known for his appearances in numerous fashion magazines and cooperation with many leading and top characters in the world of modeling and commercials.

It was this cooperation with the top heads that brought him various roles in countless TV shows. Besides acting, Anderson Davis is also a writer, known for The Corral, Just Cops and Blinded. He tried himself as a model too and appeared in a wide range of magazines dealing with fashion, modeling and commercials.

Most people know Anderson from his first appearance in Katy Perry music video as her boyfriend and after that, he did a few commercials that brought him fame such as Bud Light, Gillette Fusion, Marshalls Clothing, Vanguard Group, Sharp Aquos, Oroweat Olympic and GE Olympic, to name just a few. His career continued with the stream of commercials and it got him critically acclaimed.

Sauza Tequila changed his life

It was not before he appeared in a music video and Sauza Tequila TV commercial that the public really started noticing Anderson Davis. The Kraft Zesty was the actual commercial which got him going and it managed to make a really good impact on lots of people. Even though Davis is somewhat a modest guy who claims for himself that he is just an ordinary guy in the world, the faith seemed to have a different path for him.

Hailing from Northern California, Anderson started out as an athlete, playing sports like football, baseball and basketball. He found his way onto the television via various commercials but, it was The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and CSI that paved the way for his acting career. Lately, Anderson has been most popular for his appearances in fashion and fitness magazines like Details Magazine, Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health.

He even found a job as a fitness expert and instructor and worked for years in the training industry and various gyms before he started acting. People received him quite well because of his physique and people started asking for his tricks and tips to his healthy lifestyle and awesome shape and form.  Catch with him if you like golf, fishing and baseball as he likes to get in a role of a mentor for kids.