4 Posing Techniques To Look Better On Your Social Media

While everyone likes to look good on a picture, not everyone is a professional model which received training from some of the best in the business. If, however, you want to implement some useful tricks on yourself from the modeling business that will help you look better in your beginning modeling career or on your social media than we have prepared a list that will make you shine in every situation.

1. Don’t neglect the hair

pexels-photoBoth guys and girls suffer from this issue, but girls do treat their hair better in more situations. However, if you want to look amazing on your photos you can’t neglect the impact that your hair will have on them. For the girls, there are so many combinations that they can make especially if they have long hair, and for the guys, that gel will help you shape your hair just how you want it. Just make sure to not overdo it, as you don’t have to make your hair the most noticeable thing on your body, just make sure it becomes a part of you instead of something that you forgot can be controlled for the picture. Also, for the people that have long hair don’t forget that sometimes it’s better to roll it up and not let it hang loose. Depending on the situation this can even be a better look for your profile picture.

2. Watch the chin

The chin is something that everyone has and more often than not people are not even aware of it. While you should not be conscious about the size of your chin, if you want to make a statement on your picture that you have a beautiful face, then a bit of perspective is important. The neck should be stretched and the chin should be brought up forward so the skin tightens. This will make your face seem much more symmetrical and will compliment your smile.

3. Lift your arms

Pressed arms usually look bulky on pictures. If you want to look thinner make sure that your arms are not pressed on your body. This can be done in a subtle or in a direct way, for instance, you can be holding something, or you could just rest them on your hips.

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4. Turn a bit on your side

While most profile pictures are done where you look straight at the camera, you should consider leaning a bit on your side so you can express your sexy figure. This will compliment all your lines and your smile and pose will really shine.

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