What Ever Fishing Tackle Box Should Have?

Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities and one of the best choices for leisure after a hard working day when you want to enjoy the silence but still stay competitive. Having proper saltwater fishing tackle that you bring your trip is as important as getting a good spot with plenty of fish.

But, everything comes down to the personal choice and you, as the experienced angler, should know what is essential for your tackle box. If you are not experienced, we prepared this article for you.

Extra pair of line

Holding Tackle Box

Fisherman Holding Tackle Box

Having enough line is crucial as it often happens that we break it on the rock, log or trees that stay underwater. It often gets tangled after we cast the rod and accidentally run into the obstacle. Now, depending on the conditions where you fish as well as the location, you will need to have a durable line that can withstand a bit more of the weight. Also, if you are in the clear water, your goal is to stay stealth, so you need to have a thin line, while the muddy waters are good for thicker ones. Having both in the box is the best choice.

Spare hooks

As w said, you never know when you can get tangled on a rock or tree, so if you have a single hook, your adventure stops after you break the line. To prevent this, include a few extra hooks in your box so you could be sure that nothing can stop you.

Also, depending on the fish you are plan to catch, you will have to have a proper hook on your rod. Catfish roughly go up to 120 pounds, so you will need a hook that is strong to carry this weight.

Extra Bobbers

Bobbers, also called floats or floaters, are an inevitable part of fishing, especially if you are going at night. However, it also helps significantly as it tells you when fish starts to bite the bait. The round red ones are the most popular, but there are so many different that is impossible to know each of these.

Fishing Rod And Baits

Fishing Rod And Baits
On Table

The rounder ones limit you with how deep you can go. As a great solution, there is a slip bobber that is perfect for all types of waters, including the deep ones. It does take some extra time to rig, but this bit of extra effort helps you to be ready for all waters. Have several these in the box in case you break the line.


Yes, sinkers add extra weight to the worm and hook so these could sink deeply and therefore be close to the fish. If you don’t have sinkers, it won’t go deep enough and fish won’t see the bait. Most of the sinkers are made of lead, though you can find brass, tungsten and steel ones as lead is not good for the environment. Make sure you have enough of these as one line break and you lose all your lead.


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