Want To Get Yourself Goldendoodle? Here Is What You Should Know

Although there is no official data about the exact origin data of Goldendoodle, the experts say that the breed was popularized in the early 90s. Some thought that a positive temper of Golden Retriever and Poodle’s agility might bring a totally new breed and whoever thought of this was right – they made Goldendoodle!

So, what you need to know about Goldendoodles is that these dogs will stay with you as long as they live, as they are simply like that. Beside this, we have prepared a small list with some of the characteristics.

Very intelligent and social

The best part about this breed is that it is highly sociable and has an easy temper that will suit big families and little children. The breed is listed among the top 4 intelligent breeds so there will be no problem in the communication with them.

Dog Playing In A Park

Golden doodle Cute Dog

It is in their genes to befriend anyone who wants to give them some attention. They do not tend to bark at the people that do not know, though this depends on the situation. However, they are great pets that will have a good time with the kids and will be around them to protect them, especially if you are not around.

They love the training

While some dogs are not that obedient since obedience is not in their nature, Goldendoodles love training and they will enjoy every second of it! They simply like to have a goal that they have to fulfill. Make sure to use the system of rewards and you will train them easily and very fast.

One of the things they like most is to play catch and bring plat since they love running and mobility. In any case, whatever you do, if you want to teach them and train them, reward their every good move with a snack.

Prepare yourself for exercising

Labradoodle Need A Cuddling

Dog In Home Want To Sleep

They love running, almost more than any dog! If you do not find them an activity or task, they will get bored and will not be so happy. Have them run so they have an activity and try to ensure at least 2 hours of running every day so they fall asleep at night. Golden Retrievers like swimming and since this is a breed that contains Retriever’s genes, have them swim. You do not have to swim with them, but make sure they do.

Grooming is medium – once a week

You might think they need a lot of grooming. But no. It is usually once per week. However, if you plan to trim their hair, have in mind that you should hire a professional dog hair dresser unless you are experienced with trimming. Also, bathing is recommended once per week as the excessive bathing will make him lose the oils that he needs for the skin. When you bathe him, make sure to check the ear’s health. You can use a cotton ball with a bit of cleaning fluid that you can buy in a pet store to clean his ears properly.


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