Do Hair Growth Supplements Actually Work?

Walking down the drugstore aisle can really give you a headache. Considering the number of products available on the market, it’s hard to find a hair growth supplement to provide you optimal results. While they all promise wonders, followed by celebrity commercials and Instagram endorsements, not many of us are ready to risk our health in favor of hair growth.

If you don’t like your hair’s length, you can always experiment with different hairstyles for different face shapes. If you want to have long and shiny hair, then supplements might be an instant fix.

But, let’s see whether they work, and can they make your hair grow faster.

Are hair vitamins efficient?

Based on the claims, with the help of hair-friendly vitamins such as vitamins A, C, D, E, folic acid, and biotin, they should rejuvenate your hair and make it long and healthy again. We should note that vitamins aren’t FDA-regulated, so brands can do and claim whatever they want.

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After a couple of months of use, you should notice the first results. Your hair should be longer, stronger, healthier, and shiner while your scalp stops producing excess oils. Therefore, depending on the brand you pick, there’s never going to be yes or no answer.

Some claim these vitamins are fake, while others swear by them.

Do they improve hair growth?

While vitamins are crucial for various bodily functions and beneficial for your hair, they won’t do much if your body is stocked with them. This means that you’ll already get the vitamins you need through diet.

But many people believe they should take a couple of pills just in case. However, in this case, the more isn’t, the merrier. Even if you double the intake of vitamins, your body won’t use them. In fact, your body only uses the vitamins it realty needs, while getting rid of the rest.

Unless you are missing some vital nutrients, you are wasting your time with hair growth vitamins, and you will end up peeing out the excess.

Vitamin deficiency – how to know you have one?

There are a lot of women who are vitamin deficient, and they don’t even know it. Due to inadequate nutrition, stress, anxiety, and dieting, your body shots down hair growth first and redirects nutrients to the organs that need them the most.

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If you experienced emotional or physical distress, you probably noticed a sudden shedding of hair a couple of months after. This is a delayed reaction, and it doesn’t have to do anything with vitamin deficiency.

Let your doctors test the levels to make sure you aren’t deficient because it’s the only way to know.

How long does it take to work?

Well, no one can really tell, and it all depends on your body. Whether you are a healthy person or vitamin deficient, you can’t magically grow hair overnight. For some, it takes a few months, while others have to wait a couple of years to have long hair.

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