How To Design Your Commercial Restaurant Without Excessive Money Spending?

Restaurant fit out costs can exceed the amount you specified as your budget so it is important to know what things can wait a while until you collect money to improve these. When designing a commercial restaurant, you want to ensure that you have everything but also that you meet the legal requirements, food procedures and health law.

For this reason, we decided to write this article to explain to you how to design your commercial restaurant without spending too much money.

Organize the storage area

One of the main things you should do to keep your space organized, especially when it comes to the storage area, is to separate cold, dry and non-cold items. This is very important as the staff works with different ingredients and items, so it is nice to keep everything organized for easier finding.

Couple Eating In Restaurant

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Also, keep your clean dishes separated from other equipment like utensils for example. Just make sure that the cleaning chemicals cannot be placed above food or kitchen utensils. You can even get a fine if you organize things like this as this is against the safety regulations. Therefore, make sure that you have a separate area for the shipments and stocks.

Plan your food preparation area

Another thing you have to pay attention to, which can save a lot of time for preparing the dishes, is to split the area in the different parts. For example, one part would be reserved for raw food preparation, while the other would be reserved for preparing vegetables.

Make sure to place these close to the storage area so the cooks would not lose time on moving from one part of the kitchen to the other to grab a beefsteak. Try to keep this organized to save a lot of time for the preparation.

The cooking area

This is probably the most important part of your kitchen as this is the place where the food is prepared. Here, you will keep ovens, fryers, or BBQs and you need to make sure that these are clean and have enough space for movement.

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People Enjoying In Restaurant

Also, no electrical appliances should be close to these to prevent possible fire or electrical shock. You can make a baking station, frying station and the station where the raw food is prepared for any of these. We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping this area as clean as possible as you do not want to poison your guests.

The area where waiters pick up the food

When you prepare the food, you want to serve it as soon as possible. Often called service area, is an important part of your kitchen and you have to ensure that it is accessible to the waiters, without entering the kitchen.

The best place for the service is is in the front part of the kitchen, right after the cooking area where the dishes are prepared. Your goal is to reduce the distance between the prepared food and the customers who are waiting for it.


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